Friday, May 6, 2011

Need Accessories??

I am so stoked to introduce the Emily jewellery collection.

The collection includes a variety of of earrings, bracelets, tiara’s and hair accessories. I’ve only posted photos of a few of the items, SO watch this space!!

Please email me @ if you would like to purchase any of the items or if you need help finding something extra special for an upcoming event.

Hope you have a happy day. x

075 (480x640)
Earrings R 100.00
Bracelet R 140.00

076 (480x640)
Large hoop earrings (top left) R150.00
Kiss me Kate earrings (top right) R 100.00
Earrings (bottom left) R 120.00
Bracelet R 140.00

080 (480x640)
Bracelet R 110.00
Hair accessory R 110.00
Clip on earrings R 100.00