Monday, July 11, 2011

Magical Monday: Meet Chris Hepburn

Meet Christopher William John Hepburn aka Chris/Chrissy.
I've known this young lad for almost 8 years and I thought I would share him with the world!
Chris is a model/student and also designs his own furniture range called Hepburn Living.

Chris kindly agreed to let me join him for a little shopping spree at Canal Walk. I don't spend much time shopping for men's clothing so I was quite excited about our adventure. BUT first he had to answer a few questions!!!!
Favourite fragrance for yourself?
Well, I get bored wearing any one fragrance for an extended period so I tend to mix it up a bit…right now I alternate Versace Eau Fraiche by day with Gucci by Gucci at night, or depending on my mood…however, Acqua Di Gio by Armani is a classic and my all time favourite…and no, you may not touch me wrong! 
Favourite fragrance on a woman?
I’d have to say Mademoiselle by Chanel…very elegant and feminine - can’t go wrong with that.
Favourite facial product range?
Not only do I have a sensitive side that likes wrinkly puppies and fluffy bunnies, but I tend to be very sensitive to any products containing sunscreens or fragrances. With this in mind, the Clinique men’s range is ideal for anyone who suffers from any sensitivity like I do…
Favourite activity on a Friday evening?
It’s not so much what I’m doing that counts, rather who I’m doing it with – mind out the gutters please! As long as I’m surrounded by people I care about, I’m a happy chappy J
Favourite restaurant?
Other than Chicken Licken? Hmmmm…I’ve had some very memorable times with some great people at the Delaire Graff Restaurant near Stellenbosch. It just seems to be the total package…good food, good service and spectacular views…I always leave there content and mildly drunk…naughty!
Favourite book?
Hahah! You know models can’t read!
Favourite artist?
Oh man…how do you choose…it ranges from Jimi Hendrix to the Stones, Dire Straits and most recently Kings of Leon…I even appreciate a bit of Jack Parow from time to time, hos ja!
Funniest movie ever watched?
I really do like the cheese…Step Brothers, Talladega Nights, Wedding Crashers, Role Models, I Love You Man, but my favourite has got to be Anchorman – “Don’t act like you’re not impressed.”
 (OH Chrissy you forgot to mention Kung Pow which you guys made me watch 20 times! I am still haunted by the one breasted woman)
Favourite local clothing brand and why?
I’m quite a fan of the Black Hawk stuff from YDE…they keep it simple which I like…neutral colours which tend to be more classic with nice fit and fabrics…just wish they weren’t always out of my size!
Favourite international clothing brand and why?
Abercrombie & Fitch for sure…it’s classic and manly, simple!
I love my mom because...….she always has mini Bar Ones in the cupboard.
Motto in life………I haven’t been able to find a single phrase or saying that encompasses how I would like to live my life, so I rather refer to the poem ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling when I’m in need of some guidance and inspiration…
I eat chocolate because.........I always assumed that was what you were supposed to do with it?
Favourite animal?
Becky, my mobility-challenged staffie…
Hobbies? Building snowmen and...........
gym, BBM and planking…
I cried when..........
she left…
Favourite joke?
What is brown and sticky? A stick
(Chris gave me 2 options. The 1st joke was sooooooo funny, but it contained a bad word.)
I'd like to add that Chris and I want to be the ambassadors for Kingsley Heath! Dressed by them daily and smothered in their fragrance! Congratulations to the KH team! WE love love love the store and the shop assistants are very friendly!!
Here's what we found......
Left: Purple t-shirt by French Connection - Stuttafords R 299.95
Right: GAP t-shirt - Stuttafords R 329.95
Left: Light grey t-shirt from R79.00
Right: Pink t-shirt R 129.00
Both from Sportscene
Light grey t-shirt in Sportscene window
T-shirt by Diesel R 579.00

Left: Check shirt by GAP - Stuttafords R 489.95
Right: Check shirt by GUESS - Stuttafords R 699.95

Left: Grey jesrsey by Diesel R 3 299.00
Right: Purple jersey by French Connection - Stuttafords R 999.95

Jacket by Country Road - Woolworths R 899.00

Left: Leather jacket by Kingsley Heath R 2 499.95
Right: Leather jacket by Diesel R 10 999.00

Suit by Trenery at Woolworths
Jacket R 2 299.00
Trousers R 1 199.00

Left: Shirt R 499.99 and tie R 249.00 both from Country Road - Woolworths
Right: Tie only by Trenery - WoolworthsR 399.99

Pants by Markham R 320.00
Jeans by Relay - Markham R 380.00
and under the pants............. Calvin Klein
Love Love love this cap by Kingsley Heath R 199.99

We found these fantatsic Ray-Ban sunglasses at the Mellins i-Style store.
Get up to 22% off selected brands at their SALE.
The staff members were exceptionally friendly and helpful!
021 551 2461
Left: Ray-Ban Caribbean sunglasses R 1 520.00
Right: Ray-Ban Signet sunglasses R 1 575.00

Original Ray-Ban Wayfarers R 1 575.00
 Boots from Aldo R 1 299.00
Leather boots from San Marina R 1 595.00
Shoes from Aldo R 999.00

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